WING CHUN TRAINING TIP - Hit Hard Enough to Distract

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: When it comes to self-defense, I have seen many people freeze up when they could have easily hit someone and wound up winning the fight.

Later, when I asked what went through their mind when they froze, they said, "Well, he was too close. There was no way I could have hit him with enough power to knock him out."

Sadly, this mentality is (I believe) the reason why a lot of strikers lose to grapplers in MMA matches: when the grappler gets up close, the striker doesn't know what to do because they think if they can't hit to knock the opponent out, then they shouldn't hit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hit, hit, and always hit. Then hit again.

Some people might say, "If you can't knock them out, then that's wasted energy."

No it isn't. The only time a strike is wasted energy is if you throw one that you KNOW will not land. By that, I don't mean you know the opponent will block it (because no one can predict that). What I mean is if you throw a strike even though you know you are out of striking range.

Well, then what about feints? Ah, feints are not really strikes though. Feints are something you do to make someone THINK you are throwing a specific strike at a specific target, but in reality it is a setup so you can hit the spot you really want.

Watch the video and explore this concept with my son William and I.

~~~Steve Grogan

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