WING CHUN EXPLANATION - Rooting Does NOT Mean We Stand Still Like Trees!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: People love to be critics of Wing Chun. If you show them how one criticism is baseless, they will come back with another...sometimes almost immediately.

Such is the case of the concept known as "rooting." Someone was saying how Wing Chun powers are weak because of their short range. I explained that we are able to get more power into our punches by "rooting" our stance.

What was their reply?

"Oh, okay, so then you stand in one spot like a mannequin while the opponent moves 360 degrees around you, kicking your ass."


This is kind of like that argument people make when they say Wing Chun doesn't work in MMA. Then if you point out a Wing Chun person who won, they say, "Well, they weren't doing PURE Wing Chun."

With people possessing this mentality, you just can't win. So why bother?

Having said that, I am still going to post this video for those who will watch it with an open mind.

~~~Steve Grogan

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