WING CHUN MISCONCEPTION - Attacking in Straight Lines Doesn't Mean Attacking Straight ON

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This video is a "PS" of sorts to another where I addressed these faulty claims. It is a rebuttal to comments made by a gentleman named Linji on Ramsey Dewey's channel. Here is the link to the video. Below that, I give the timestamp and a summary of what was said. not to mention my rebuttal.

17:13-17:27 He is trying to say that if a Wing Chun person faces an opponent at 45-degree angle, they will try to return to a position where they are facing them head-on. This is so mind-numbingly wrong that I don't even know where to begin.

All I can say is I have been studying Wing Chun EXCLUSIVELY since 1995. That is 27 years, whereas this guy has had minimal exposure to it. In my 27 dedicated years, I have never heard ANYONE say, "Always get directly in front of him." What are the odds that someone who studied only Wing Chun hasn't heard that, but this guy did?

~~~Steve Grogan

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