Why Does Wing Chun Have Such Short Defensive and Offensive Moves?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: It's no secret that there is no shortage of criticism of Wing Chun out there. Some of it is spewed by keyboard warriors, while some of it is legitimate.

How do I separate the valid critiques from the fluff? That's easy: I pay attention! If you know Wing Chun like I do, then all you have to do is break down these so-called criticisms line by line, and you can see they all have one common denominator: they are written by people who don't understand the idea behind Wing Chun's approach to combat.

One such criticism is of our short-range techniques. We don't wind up our punches and we don't make big huge motions to deflect attacks. Why is that? How can we possibly hope to win a fight this way? What could be our reasoning?

Well, watch my video, and I will explain exactly that.

~~~Steve Grogan

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