QUESTION: Who is Responsible for Modern-Day Lack of Consideration?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Lack of consideration seems to be far more rampant today than it was when I was a teenager.

Many people are quick to blame the "young generation." The line of thinking is that today's children were raised by the LAST generation, who were selfish and therefore passed that trait to their children.

However, this means that there must have been selfishness passed down from TWO generations back, and so on into infinity. Where do we stop? Also, having been taught selfishness by your parents is, in my opinion, no excuse to be selfish yourself. Yes, when you are young and your universe is no bigger than your childhood home, selfishness is the only value you see. However, at some point you will be old enough to go to school, where you will meet OTHER human beings, and you will see they are not a fan of selfishness.

What I mean is, you are exposed to other values, which gives you the chance to decide if what you were shown at home is a value worth maintaining.

Some people will still hold on to it, and I can understand why. Most children go to school at age five. Even though that isn't a long time to be alive, it still is a scary thing to have to face the fact that you have been taught values that, well, weren't so valuable.

Still, fear is a part of life. If you can't learn to face it down, you will never get anywhere.

Lastly, I want to say this: if the lack of consideration in today's society is based on the young generation, then why is it I see so many OLD people being just as rude (sometimes ever more so) than some of the young people?

After all, if they were raised by parents who presumably weren't as selfish as the current one, then they should be polite, right? Yet this isn't true. So how did the old timers get to be so rude? Did they absorb the attitude of the young via some bizarre process that is similar to osmosis? Were they exposed to so much rude behavior that they decided to give up? (The "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality.)

But...they're the older generation. Aren't they supposed to set the example for the young'uns?

I can't answer this in this description section. Hell, I can't even answer it in this video. However, I CAN pose some questions to make you dwell on this issue. Who knows? Maybe one of you out there can solve this riddle and earn the Noble Peace Prize.

When you get to the ceremony, tell 'em Steve sent ya!

~~~Steve Grogan

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