What Causes Wing Chun Myths?

I can't explain why, but it seems like Wing Chun suffers from more myths and misinformation (not to mention criticism) than any other martial art I know of. Maybe it is because there is a backlash against the deification of Bruce Lee, and most people know Bruce started with Wing Chun.

Other than that, there are a few reasons why people have silly beliefs about Wing Chun.

UFC: Pro-Grappler, Anti-Striker

Ever since the commercial success of the UFC, the majority of the criticism has come from grapplers. During its original explosion of popularity, you'd be hard pressed to find a striker from ANY style doing well in the ring.

Notice those last few words though: "...doing well IN THE RING." Inside a cage, there are rules. There is a nice, flat mat to grapple on. And of course, there is only one opponent. None of these things would be true on the street.

Of course, grapplers would never admit that, even if you confront them with a very basic hypothetical situation like: "Let's say a guy and his four buddies confront you in a bar. How are you going to grapple with all of them? Are you going to grow four more pairs of arms so you can put them all in joint locks?"

But...I digress.

It Was in a Movie, so It MUST Be Real!

Ah, yes. It was in a movie that claimed to be about Ip Man's life, so that must be the way a Wing Chun fighter would really do things. Like at the end of IP MAN 2 when he fights that boxer, and the boxer puts his gloves up in front of his face, and Ip Man does a never-ending straight blast, during which he hits...the boxer's gloves.

That was the most annoying fight scene in the history of Wing Chun movies. NO Wing Chun fighter, especially Ip Man, would have done that. While the Ip Man movies certainly have their good moments, some of the fight scenes have done some major damage to the image of Wing Chun. What a sad, sad thing to have to admit.

People tend to believe whatever you put in front of them. You could argue, "No, that's just the way they did it for the movie," and they won't believe you.

The Wing Chun "Lineage Wars"

It doesn't help that Wing Chun has so much in-fighting. This stems from all the "lineages" out there. It's not uncommon to hear someone from Lineage A saying that what they do in Lineage B is useless, watered-down crap.

If people would just realize we are all essentially practicing the same thing and that we can learn from each other, maybe some of this nonsense would stop.

Unfortunately, I cannot control the actions of others. All I can do is my best to combat the silly myths and misinformation that is out there regarding my beloved style, so that is what I intend to do with this page.

How the Myths Will Be Debunked

When you hover over the "Wing Chun Myths" heading, you will see a page in the drop-down menu titled "The Myths - Debunked.". On that page, you will see the most popular myths summed up in one sentence, and they will be links. Click on them, and you will be taken to another page where I explore the myth in depth, and then thoroughly destroy it.

I know I won't change the opinions of anyone who is dead-set on believing Wing Chun doesn't work, but I still felt like this was something that HAD to be done.

Sometimes it's better to speak up.

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