What About Learning Wing Chun Online?

Some people have a schedule that won't allow them to attend classes, or they don't have a Wing Chun school anywhere near them.

This leads them to the question: "Can I learn Wing Chun online?"

My answer: no more than any other martial art.

In all martial arts, whether they are striking or grappling, you NEED that person-to-person contact to know if your techniques are working. Wing Chun has the added dimension of needing to be able to develop sensitivity, which simply can't be done by practicing techniques in the air.

Nothing can replace another classmate, especially when it comes to Chi Sao, yet plenty of people try. I've even seen some martial arts gear businesses selling these boards you can attach to a wall that have springy arms on them to help develop Chi Sao skills. However, the flaw with this kind of product is twofold:

  1. The energy isn't really given to you by the arms. It comes from the pressure YOU apply to them. In other words, it's like doing Chi Sao with yourself.
  2. Energy from a person's arms is just one aspect of Chi Sao. You must remember that a human Chi Sao partner can MOVE AROUND, whereas the board can't.

Having said that, I believe there are some online Wing Chun websites that can act as SUPPLEMENTAL training, meaning if you have been going to a school but then fall on hard times and can't afford the tuition. If you have achieved at least a basic understanding of how the style works from an in-person class, then online training would help you keep your tools sharp until you go back.

Therefore, I have included links to some online Wing Chun training sites that I feel are run by legitimate Wing Chun instructors.