Wing Chun Instructor Appreciation Series #4 - Randy Williams

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I am so sick of all the negativity that runs rampant in the Wing Chun community. In fact, I can't think of any other martial art where it is this bad!

That is why I began this video series. I want to bring some positivity to the scene. It might be minuscule, but it's more than most do.

What I have done is taken one Wing Chun instructor and focus on AT LEAST ONE POSITIVE THING about them.

Many of the instructors I've chosen are ones who cause tempers to flare even at the mere mention of their name. In my opinion, most of the controversies around these people are silly and petty. They also serve to distract from the fact that these folks actually HAVE SKILL.

Maybe if more people spent time practicing instead of leaving negative (and juvenile) comments online, there would be other Wing Chun fighters who could achieve the level of these hated figures in the community.

Ah well. I can dream, can't I?

~~~Steve Grogan

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