WING CHUN CRITICISM - Bong Sao/Lop Da is TOO SLOW to Deal with a Jab/Cross Combo

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: There are several martial arts videos out there where a student attacks their instructor, and the instructor does a million attacks while the student poses after just one.

Wing Chun is no stranger to this kind of criticism. There are no shortage of people who say it would not work in a real fight. One of the most picked-upon moves would be Bong Sao/Lop Da.

I happen to agree with what they say. Unless someone came in with a heavy, dedicated punch, Bong Sao/Lop Da would be too slow, especially if someone "flicks" their jabs, AND if they follow up the Jab with a Cross. Then again, what the critics don't realize is that Bong Sao wouldn't be our first defensive choice anyway!

But let's assume for some reason we DO throw Bong Sao out there first, with the intention of going to Lop Da, but our opponent does a fast Jab/Cross combo. Does that mean Bong Sao/Lop Da is totally useless? Or does it mean we should play around with it and find out how it could be applied?

Personally, I lean toward the latter, so let's explore how Bong Sao/Lop Da would "really" work if we were faced with a "flicky" puncher.

~~~Steve Grogan

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