ANNOUNCEMENT - Update to the Geek Wing Chun Review Playlists

In this video, I discuss how I am going to rearrange the review playlists on this channel.

Books, movies, instructional videos, role-playing games, and video games will all be under one playlist now. There is a rotating schedule I will follow for these, which is:

1) Book

2) Movie/Instructional Video

3) RPG/Video Games

If I should run out of anything in any of those categories, then I will review a product from one of the following categories:

1) Mook Jong and related products (limbs, frames, etc.)

2) Wing Chun Poles

3) Wing Chun Knives

4) Sparring Gear

5) Exercise and Conditioning Gear

Combine those lists together, and you have an 8-week cycle, which is approximately 2 months.

I know there might not be a large audience of people who even care about this, but for those who wonder about the behind-the-scenes working of a YouTube channel, it's here for your viewing.

~~~Steve Grogan

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