Types of Lessons Available

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Although my original ambition with Geek Wing Chun was to give online advice and tips in the form of videos, books, and apps, I have recently decided to make the jump to teaching classes in person.

Ongoing Group Lessons

As of this writing (December 27, 2018), I am in the process of seeking a location for ongoing lessons. When I find one, I will announce it here. The name of the physical, tangible location will NOT be Geek Wing Chun. Instead it will be called:

Upstate Wing Chun

Watch this page for announcements.

Private Lessons

Until I get a place to hold group lessons, I am willing to teach people on-on-one. These could be done out of their home, out of mine, or in a public location like a park...once the upstate New York weather allows it, that is.

To reach me for private lessons, use the following methods of contact:

  • EMAIL: geekwingchun@gmail.com
  • PHONE: 518-275-2267
  • FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/geekwingchuninc/

Skype Lessons

Yes, you can give Wing Chun lessons via Skype...or should I say, at least I can. However, Skype lessons are very restricted in that I obviously could not touch hands with you to see how you are doing in terms of relaxing, forward intention, muscle tension, and so on. Therefore, Skype lessons are good only if you want to receive tips on your forms.

If you had a friend join you, then I could observe you practice techniques with them and give tips on that as well. However, since I would still not be there and would be unable to do Chi Sao with either of you, I wouldn't be able to give any advice on that.


User name: Geek Wing Chun

Email: geekwingchun@gmail.com

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