TRAINING TIP: The "C-Clamp" Hand

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A lot of people think the finger jab is Wing Chun's "bread and butter," or at the very least it is the "bread" while the straight blast is the "butter," or vice versa. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it: in a fight, your adrenaline is pumping. Your heart is racing. Your nerves are jumpy. You'll be lucky enough to land a punch to someone's head. Now you want to ADD to the difficulty by trying to deliver a finger jab to super small targets like the eyes or the hollow of the throat? That will accomplish one thing for you: A BROKEN FINGER!!!

There is no shortage of studies out there that prove when your stress level rises, your fine motor skills go out the window. In other words, landing a finger jab to such small targets (especially when you have a resisting opponent) will be next to impossible.

Also, let's be honest here: even if you land a jab to the eye or throat, how much will that really slow down your attacker? The suggestion of using the finger jab as your go-to weapon is even more dangerous and irresponsible when it is promoted by so-called "women's self-defense classes." If a man is on top of a woman trying to rape her, and she pokes him in either the eye or the throat, that is going to do nothing other than make an angry individual even angrier.

That is why I promote the use of the "C-clamp hand" instead. (I'm not sure what this technique would really be called in the martial arts world, so that is why I call it by that name.) Watch and see if you agree with me. If not, that is okay too!

~~~Steve Grogan

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