Training Tip: Get Rid of the Clutter

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Do you ever feel like your martial art will take forever to master? Does it feel like there is just too much to learn? Well, there is a reason for that: you might be practicing one technique that has multiple names!

Here is an example: your school might have shown you one technique (let's say a sidekick.), but then they give it a different name based on the fact that you are hitting a different TARGET. Pardon me for asking, but isn't a side kick to the knee and a side kick to the shin still a side kick? Hmmm...

The only time I have truly seen a difference based on target is when you learn a front kick that is meant to hit the opponent in the stomach (when you would hit with the BOTTOM of your foot) versus a front kick to the groin (when you hit with the TOP of the foot). Without seeing it, you might not know there really is a distinction. That is why, in all my writings and teachings, I call a kick aimed at the groin a "lifting kick."

Watch the video and see if you recognize where the clutter is in YOUR martial art. My hope is that this video will give you ideas on how to reduce your technique list into something that is more manageable.

~~~Steve Grogan

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