Training Tip: Focus on Your ELBOW

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Once upon a time, I heard someone refer to Wing Chun as an "elbow-driven art." I never gave much thought to what it meant, so then...well, I DECIDED to give it more thought.

The differences in my Wing Chun before and after are amazing. Just changing that one focus made me more in tune with the body mechanics that we employ. It is a monumental shift, and one that not many people grasp. I'm not saying those people are dopes while I am enlightened; it IS a strange concept, and I struggled with it too.

It's enough to make anyone stop and say, "Wait a minute. The power in your punch comes from your ELBOW?" And yet it's true. I mean, not 100% of course; there are the muscles in your arm, shoulder, and back to be considered. I suggest focusing on the elbow because it is a major component, and one that many can't grasp.

In my opinion, it's better to focus on the most difficult concept first. Once you wrap your head around that, the rest easily falls into place.

~~~Steve Grogan

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