January 14, 2020: Thoughts on Sleep and Insomnia

Hello and welcome to the first actual entry of the Geek Wing Chun Blog! As I explained on the home page, this will be more like a "vlog" than a blog, but hey...there is really no need to be nit picky over names, eh?

For those who prefer to read instead of watch videos, there is SOME text below the link. However, it is just a brief description of what is in the video, not a verbatim transcript.



ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Everyone knows that sleep is the way of the body and mind recuperating. Recommendations on how much sleep we should get vary, but we all know it is a necessity. Sleep's nemesis is, of course, insomnia...but is it really? How antagonistic is this relationship?

There have been many nights where I found myself lying in bed, unable to drift off, and yet I still lay there, trying to stubbornly WILL myself to sleep. Then there have been nights where I say, "Why fight it?" I get up and read a book, write, watch a TV show, and so on, until I am drowsy enough to give it another try. And you know what I've discovered? Four hours of solid, death-like sleep is much more refreshing to me than eight hours of restless sleep.

Watch the video to find out more about my thoughts on this and, as I said above, please keep in mind I am not a doctor; I am simply describing my own personal experience.

~~~Steve Grogan

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