EXCITING NEWS: I Found My Sub-Niche - Martial Arts Training and Mental Health/Self-Esteem!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: To stand out in any field these days, you need to find something that makes you unique. Given how many martial arts channels are out there, this isn't easy.

However, after countless hours spent scouring the web and talking to people, I have finally found a way to "niche down" in my field.

Not only am I a Wing Chun channel...

not only do I talk about how to train at home, whether you are flying solo or if you have a partner who doesn't study Wing Chun (or any martial art)...

but now I am the Wing Chun channel that talks about training when you can't make it to class AND who addresses mental health.

I have said it countless times: mental health is the most often ignored aspect of martial art training, and life in general. Why? Social stigma. Try telling someone you have depression, then just sit back and watch the derision fly.

Well, I am going to do my part to put an end to that. Even if there is nothing I can do to stop ignorant attitudes, then maybe I can at least bring some comfort to those of you out there who struggle with mental illness.

Why am I adopting this sub-niche? That's easy: NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

Oh, sure, people have always said "martial arts helps to build self-confidence," but self-confidence and self-esteem are NOT interchangeable terms.

However, I won't get into that at the moment. For now, just check out the announcement, hit "subscribe," and allow the excitement to build!

~~~Steve Grogan

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