FIGHTIN' WORDS #38: Stop Obsessing Over Sifus and Lineages

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Wing Chun people are obsessed with lineage more than any other martial art you can name (other than Jeet Kune Do, which of course was spawned from Wing Chun, so I guess that should come as no surprise). However, it gets taken to a ridiculous level.

How so? Let me illustrate the difference between "not ridiculous" and "ridiculous." By the way, this is based on MY personal opinion. Anyone is free to disagree with me.

If a friend tells you about someone who is doing a Wing Chun seminar, I think it is "not ridiculous" to ask, "What is their lineage?" Since the instructor is not in front of you at that moment and you cannot see how they perform, someone's lineage can give your imagination a starting point.

However, we cross the line into "ridiculous" when someone posts a video of themselves doing a form, and someone asks, "Good job. What is your lineage, and who is your Sifu?" Let me answer that question with one of my own: WHO CARES??? Is my Sifu the one in the video? No, I am. Therefore, you should be judging it based on what you see me doing. If my Sifu is nowhere to be found in the video, then there is no need to mention them.

The lineage question is not as annoying. After all, if I do Wing Chun differently than you do, then you might wonder if I am from a different lineage. However, if someone does not want to answer it, then people should respectfully back off.

To hear my in-depth thoughts on the topic, please watch the video...oh, and please hit "like" and "Subscribe" before you go. :-)

~~~Steve Grogan

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