Sil Lum Tao Application: Double Long Bridge Gum Sao

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Ever since the rise in popularity of the UFC (and MMA in general), many people think grappling arts are the only kind worth knowing. They seem to forget the fact that there is a huge difference between grappling on a smooth, level mat versus rolling around on concrete, gravel, glass, and so on ... but we will not get into that here.

For a long time, I have heard people arguing that the single- and double-leg takedown were two techniques (or one, depending on how you look at it) that spelled the doom of all stand-up / striking arts. However, there is one thing all the grappling art worshipers seem to forget.

In order to get a grab on someone's legs, a grappler must be able to REACH those legs. Do 't they think someone who practices a striking art would learn ways to KEEP a grappler from accomplishing this?

Obviously the answer is "yes," which brings us to the video at hand, folks.

Sometimes students will go years and years without learning what the moves in the forms mean and / or how they can be applied in self-defense situations. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this grappling-crazy world, should we not share as many anti-grappling techniques as we can?

I think we should, and that is why I made this video.

~~~ Steve Grogan 

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