SELF-ESTEEM - Video #11 - What is Self-Esteem For? (George Carlin's Anti-Self-Esteem Rant)

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I remember having HBO back in the day and always getting excited whenever they said George Carlin was doing another special for them. Up until "Jammin' in New York," I faithfully viewed them as soon as they were aired.

After a while, I lost HBO, and I never bothered to get it back. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, I can find all the Carlin specials that I missed.

Sadly, one of them proved to have a segment that took me aback, to say the least.

I always thought George was one of the most intelligent stand-up comedians who ever lived, especially when he was go into his diatribes about language. (I wasn't as impressed when he would rant about the government; it was pretty standard counterculture material.) That is why I was so puzzled by this bit.

What George describes in this segment is NOT self-esteem; it's arrogance. Also, he completely misses the mark when he talks about how "studies have shown" self-esteem won't land you better-paying jobs or get better test grades.

I thought to myself, "Who the hell said that was the purpose of good self-esteem?"

Then he went on to talk about how criminals have good self-esteem, and that was when I said, "This is too much. I HAVE to do a rebuttal to this."

And so, here we are. :-)

~~~Steve Grogan

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