SELF-ESTEEM - Video #10 - "What if I Go from Having Low Self-Esteem to Being Arrogant?"

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I'm sure anyone who is watching who has had low self-esteem knows this question. It is one that I myself used to ask a long time ago. There was a great fear of suddenly thinking too much of myself, and I didn't want to cross that line.

Why not?

Well, not only would I have become what I hate, but also the tallest tree in the forest is usually the one that the lumberjacks approach first. I was worried about the figurative lumberjacks of the world coming to cut me down to size once they saw I was "too big for my britches."

To be fair, this fear of being cut down WAS real because when you go from being passive to assertive, people who used to exploit your passiveness don't like that. They will do what they can to manipulate you into being a passive little wimp again.

However, while the cutting down part was a legitimate fear, the concern about going from egoless to asshole was NOT.

Watch the video, and you will find out why.

~~~Steve Grogan