Rebuttal to Wing Chun Compendium Vol. 2 on Blocking, Grabbing, and Pulling

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Sifu Wayne Belonoha wrote a wonderful two-volume series about Wing Chun. However, there was one passage from Volume 2 that made me want to play devil's advocate. I'm speaking of the part where he discourages the use of blocks, grabs, or pulls and stresses that we always use the small motions of Wing Chun techniques to deflect attacks. I don't think this is something we can universally apply to ALL self-defense. (Think about it: is there ever anything that one can ALWAYS apply in a fight? Absolutely not.)

However, it's not enough to make a contrary statement just to be a contradictory little snot-head. Therefore, I give reasons for my statement.

~~~Steve Grogan

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