In this day and age where it seems like everyone and their mother owns a gun, what are some of the applications and uses of Wing Chun? What purpose could it possibly serve? Well, let me tell you: martial arts isn't JUST about self-defense. There is much more to it than that. If there wasn't, then everyone would have stopped going to class as soon as the first automatic weapon came off the production line.

Reason # 1: Self-Defense

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this IS the most common reason people decide to learn Wing Chun, even if you consider what I said above about firearms.

Wing Chun is designed to help a small person overcome a larger opponent. This makes it ideal for children who are bullied in school. After all, it usually is a bigger child using their size to intimidate a smaller one.

Bullies believe "smaller" automatically equals "weaker." While this is true, some Wing Chun training can help level the playing field.

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