OBSERVATION - Wing Chun is to Martial Arts What the Smashing Pumpkins Are to Music

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I bet a lot of people are scratching their heads over this one. Luckily, there is this neat little video you can watch to understand everything.

When I was a teen, the Smashing Pumpkins emerged as my favorite band out of all the 90s "grunge/alternative" bands that hit it big. In fact, they are the one band that I can still listen to endlessly, even to this day. T

hey have sold millions of records, and yet I am always hard-pressed to find anyone who actually LIKES them. How is it possible? Who bought all those records? Where do they live? Can you pass my number along to them, so I can meet other Pumpkins fans?

To me, Wing Chun has suffered the same fate. A lot of people know of the style, but they show it nothing but contempt. That is why I say, "Wing Chun is to martial arts what the Smashing Pumpkins are to music."

~~~Steve Grogan

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