GEEK WING CHUN NEWS: My New Cause - Raising Awareness for Victims of Domestic Violence

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Recently I made the announcement that I was going to distinguish my Wing Chun channel by having a heavy emphasis on mental health, specifically the often-misunderstood concept of self-esteem. (Many people think self-confidence and arrogance are interchangeable with self-esteem, and they're not.)

I'm proud of the fact that I seem to be the only martial art channel talking about this, but I started thinking, "Is it enough? Is there another way I can help the world with my Wing Chun?"

Then it dawned on me: there is another population out there who are just as misunderstood as those who suffer from mental illness, only they are in situations that are far more dangerous. I'm talking about victims of domestic violence (DV from this point on).

Can you think of ANYONE who is more misunderstood? I can't.

You might wonder what I mean by "misunderstood," so I will make myself clear in the form of a question.

How many times have you heard someone say that battered women must enjoy being beaten, or else they would simply move out?

I can answer that for myself: I have heard it FAR TOO MANY TIMES.

These judgmental, condescending idiots think the world operates in black and white. They also think that DV victims must be stupid; otherwise they would have been able to think of this solution on their own.

Another popular one: "Why the hell would she start dating that guy if he was abusive?"

Um...gee, you are saying that because you think you're smarter than the DV victim, but it just goes to show you are dumber than a bag of rocks, or else you would know that most abusers are also MANIPULATORS and LIARS.

In other words, it's not like the guy punched her in the jaw at the end of their first date. He would have waited until they were living together, or maybe even went so far as to have a KID together, before he let the demon show, because by then he would have his hooks into her, and it would be harder for her to escape.

I could carry on about all the foolish things people say about DV victims, but the description box is limited to 5,000 characters. Needless to say, that isn't enough room.

My plan is that I want to partner up with one of the local DV shelters. I will hold a class that the general public can attend, and all attendance fees will go to the DV shelter. (NOTE: If any DV victims come to class, they will NOT be charged. Of course, I don't know how I will verify that, but we will see.)

Here is one caveat: although DV victims are certainly welcome to take the class (and in fact I highly encourage them to), the purpose is NOT to teach them these skills so they can fend off their abusive domestic partner the next time he comes at them swinging. Why not? Well, because if she lives with him, then she is in danger of his violence escalating. If he comes at her with just fists and she beats him, then he'll come at her with a belt, a bat, a knife, or even a GUN next time.

When I explain this to people, they say, "Why are you going to bother teaching them these things, only to tell them not to use them?" I have to tell them, "It's not that they CAN'T use it. It's just that they better be sure they have a way to escape that living situation RIGHT AFTER they lay that dude out...because once he gets back up, it won't be pretty."

It is frustrating to have to keep explaining this over and over, but it is the bed I've made for myself. If I were still active in the local music scene, and I was organizing a CONCERT instead of a Wing Chun class, people would understand immediately.

I am excited for what the future holds, and I hope I can do something (no matter how small) to spread the truth and destroy the rumors about DV.

~~~Steve Grogan

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