My Own Exercise and Physical Fitness Update

In this video, I give updates on my own fitness journey.


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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Well, it sure has been a long time coming for this. Check out the thumbnail for this video. That is not any camera trickery. On the left, you see what I look like as of July 2019. The right-hand side is what I look like now.

It wasn't easy to get here. The last time I weighed this amount, I was living in Denver, CO, and I was around 25 years old. Then I moved back home to Troy, NY, and my weight shot back up. It's been fluctuating ever since, although I will say I never got as low as 170 again.

I am 44 now. There has been no shortage of people who say, "You want to be 170 again? And you re HOW old? Yeah, good luck! Once you are past your thirties, your metabolism plummets!"

Well, then explain the images.

Over the years I tried everything I could to get my weight under control. I did 6-day-a-week, 60-to-75-minutes-per-workout Team Beachbody programs. I tried a cardio-only approach. When it came to eating, I tried both Atkins and Keto. NOTHING WORKED.

So what finally did? Two things: (1) High-intensity training and (2) eating with a caloric deficit.

And that's it. How long do I exercise each week? Once, for a 30-minute session. Do I worry about protein, carb, and fat counting? Nope. I just pay attention to calories.

When I was 241 pounds at the start of 2020, people laughed at me when I said I wanted to get down to 180. Well, here we are just a little over a year later, and I am at 171. Yes, I am just ONE POUND shy of the weight I had around 20 years ago.

Take THAT, naysayers!

~~~Steve Grogan

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