MENTAL HEALTH TIP - Ignore Insults

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: When it comes to people insulting you, there is more than one reason to ignore them.

The first one is something we have discussed in the past, which is that people's opinion of you actually has nothing to do with you. If that person met someone else just like you, they would throw that insult at them as well. Therefore, it isn't personal.

However, there is another reason you should ignore insults, and I explore that in this video. If your self-esteem isn't strong enough to let you brush off the harsh words, you can use this as a backup.

Insults are usually thrown in the heat of the moment, when an argument is going on, and tempers are flaring. When someone reaches a point where they feel they are backed in a corner and/or they are unable to continue countering what you say, they will throw an insult at you.

In other words, insults are meant to distract you from the argument at hand.

My mental health tip: recognize that, and don't let them do it! Ignore the insult, or give it the briefest acknowledgement. For example, if they said something about how you have bad breath or they mock your fashion style, you could say, "Well, maybe so, but back to the topic at hand..."

Watch the video for my full exploration of this topic.

~~~Steve Grogan

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