The Hardest Piece of Mental Health Advice You Will EVER Get - You Must Ignore COMPLIMENTS Too!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Most people don't understand this piece of advice because they usually let me get only as far as saying, "You must learn to ignore compliments." They don't realize there is more to the sentiment than that.

Want to hear the rest?

"You must learn to ignore compliments because, just like insults, compliments have nothing to do with you."

Now if you don't understand the sentiment that someone's criticisms are not personal (even when they are "about" you), then you won't grasp this concept either. However, if you are open to understanding this idea, then you will appreciate this video and description.

Think of it this way: let's say you learn how to ignore negative comments people say to or about you. That is great! But then you keep accepting compliments.

Well, doesn't that seem a little imbalanced? You regret people's NEGATIVE comments as false, but then you eat up their POSITIVE ones? So...there is nothing negative about you? You are as perfect as you can ever hope to be? There is nothing wrong with you; it's the rest of the world that's crazy and imperfect?

Having explained it that way, I hope you can see what I mean. If not, that's fine too. I still believe you haven't truly freed yourself from caring what others think if you still attach value to their compliments,.

~~~Steve Grogan

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