MENTAL HEALTH - PS to George Carlin's Error-Filled "Self-Esteem" Bit

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Normally I don't bother replying to so-called "haters" or "trolls," but I felt that what I said about George Carlin's "self-esteem movement" diatribe needed some further addressing.

By the way, I still stand by what I said, and I always will. There is nothing anyone can do to make me budge on it because I honestly feel George was WRONG. He insults self-esteem by saying studies show it doesn't help you get better grades on tests, nor does it help you get better jobs.

First of all, what studies? Name them, and let's find out.

Two, who said the purpose of self-esteem was to get better grades and jobs? The purpose of self-esteem is to BELIEVE in yourself, that you are competent enough to handle the everyday challenges of life without collapsing into a useless blob of jelly. Saying self-esteem is useless because it doesn't get you better grades is like saying a hammer is a useless tool because you can't drill a hole with it.

Three, why do people feel compelled to stoop to such low insults, simply because I said a stand-up comic didn't know what he was talking about? How does that affect YOUR day, and how does it necessitate accusing me of being autistic? Also, even if I WERE autistic, so what?

~~~Steve Grogan

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