Martial Arts Gear: Celebrita MMA Striking and Grappling Dummy

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This is my good friend Jimothy, a Celebrita MMA striking and grappling dummy that I bought about a year ago. He was empty when I got him, and I have struggled to fill that void in many different ways.

Some of you may have even seen other videos where I detailed how I tried to make this fellow into a worthwhile piece of training gear.

Well, in this video, I'm 98% of the way there. Why is it not 100%? Because at the time of this filming, I was still having issues with his arms. However, I thought he was in good enough shape for me to unveil this new incarnation to the rest of the world.

Stay tuned, because I WILL post a video where I have the arm issue fixed.

~~~Steve Grogan

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