Is Chi Sao Fighting?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Yes, the age-old debate. Is Chi Sao fighting? If not, what is it?

In a sense, I would have to agree with those people (who seem to be the majority) that Chi Sao is not fighting. And no, I don't mean just because fights NEVER start with two people rolling their arms in this fashion. I mean because fights don't always start at this range. Also, Chi Sao itself is not a fight; it's a training tool.

However, Chi Sao CAN help you in a fight because it helps develop your reflexes while you are in the "Wing Chun" range. Think about it: if you can react lightning fast when someone punches you THIS close, that would be a useful skill to have.

Also, as I have said in other videos, it would be a tremendous asset to a woman because this is how close they are attacked, and it's usually by a man who is bigger than them. Chi Sao would help a woman learn how to manipulate their attacker's power and size against them, to take advantage of their tendency to rely on brute force alone. Use that brute force to turn him into one giant fulcrum, and it won't be long before the attack ends.

So where do I stand on the debate? Am I on the "Chi Sao is not fighting" side of the fence, or do I think it IS fighting? Well, I don't stand on either side; in fact, I am standing on the fence itself!

Watch and you will hear me go further into my opinion of this wonderful drill.

~~~Steve Grogan

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