Fightin' Words #34: Today We Ask the Question - "How Useful is Broken Rhythm Training?"

For those of you unfamiliar with the "Fightin' Words" series from my YouTube channel, I will explain:

It seems like any time you post a video or blog where you express your opinion on it, someone out there (who you most likely have never met) gets mad, as if you posted YOUR opinion to challenge THEIRS.

Therefore, any video that expresses an opinion goes under the "Fightin' Words" playlist.

Now, with that explained, let's get to today's video! A description is below the video, but remember: this is a DESCRIPTION, not a full-blown transcript. To find out exactly what I say, you will still have to watch the video.



ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Bruce Lee was a major proponent of using broken rhythm in combat. He always said a martial artist is not a machine; they are human beings, fluid and alive. They shouldn't perform techniques in a predictable pattern, as if they were executing them to a metronome.

However, in the reality of a street fight, how important is it to be a master of broken rhythm? Many sources say the average length of a street fight is 8-10 seconds. One of Bruce's contemporaries, Sammo Hung (who plays the big guy Bruce fights in the beginning of ENTER THE DRAGON), said, "Real fighting is different than movie fighting. In real fighting, the winner is decided in the first three seconds...very, very quickly." Sammo's estimate gives you even LESS time than what most sources say.

With this in mind, how much attention should you even give to broken rhythm training? After all, 8-10 seconds is hardly enough time to even develop a rhythm, let alone turn around and break it! Watch the video and explore this idea with me.

~~~Steve Grogan