TRAINING TIPS: How to Use Wing Chun Against Grappling Techniques

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: For some reason, people believe Wing Chun cannot be used against grappling. I have no idea why. After all, the ranges where you would use Wing Chun and grappling are mere inches apart.

People say things like, "Well, once a grappler gets you in an arm bar, that's it. There is no countering an arm bar." That's like saying there is no countering after a boxer punches you in the face. Of COURSE there is a counter; you just have to execute it before the grappler can secure that arm bar!

There is also this myth that we can't do anything if we are on our backs and about to deal with the good old "ground and pound." Let me tell you MY observation: most of the time, the reason I see strikers fail on their backs is because they are trying to hit their opponent in the face when there are much closer (and more vulnerable) targets.

Now I know a lot of people will watch this video and say, "Yeah, right. That stuff works pretty good when you are going slow." What these people fail to realize is that I'm doing these moves slow so you can SEE what is happening. If we went at full speed, the camera would not catch or explain what I'm doing.

Having said that, maybe I should make a companion video where we DO go at full speed. Hmmm...

Well, in the meantime, enjoy THIS one. :-)

~~~Steve Grogan

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