#4 - How to Create a Non-Time-Consuming Food Journal - Explaining the Blank Chart

In this video, I walk you through the blank chart, explaining what each field means and giving some tips on how to fill them in.


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Download my December 2020 food journal to use as a guide while creating your own:



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In one of these videos, I mention getting a food scale so you can be sure how many ounces of any given food you are eating. Here is a food scale model from Amazon that I recommend. ***PLEASE NOTE: This is an affiliate link, so I WILL get a commission if you buy this product. However, I recommend only products in which I believe and would (or do) use myself.***



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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I believe a lot of people give up on eating right because tracking their food intake becomes too cumbersome. After all, people will tell you to track calories, protein, carbs, fat, sodium, and so on and so forth and blah blah blah.

I'm here to say: it doesn't need to be that complicated. In fact, you wouldn't believe how simple it can be.

Then again, you WILL by the time this series is done.

~~~Steve Grogan

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