How Much Knowledge Do They Have To Criticize That? (MENTAL HEALTH TIP)

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In an ideal world, where everyone had good self-esteem, criticisms and insults would not even phase us. They'd be forgotten as soon as the critic finished saying them.

Unfortunately, we do NOT live in an ideal world. There are a lot of people out there who take what the critics say to heart. They are allowing others to control how they feel about themselves or things they love, and that is sad.

Well, having been someone who once acted that way, I'm here to help you gain some control back.

Keep in mind this tip is like a bandaid on a wound that actually needs surgery. However, it will hopefully prove useful enough to stop the "blood loss" until you can address those deeper issues.

Basically, if someone criticizes you, and you are unable to just let it roll off your back, then you can minimize the damage they do to you by asking yourself: "Do they even have enough knowledge to make that criticism?"

For example, I was in a discussion about martial arts, where I was telling someone how I had gone from one Wing Chun instructor to another because of an issue I'd had. Then I had something come up with the SECOND teacher (not really an issue per se; it was more of a case where he said something I did not understand).

Well, someone on the board said, "Either you have the worst luck when it comes to picking instructors, or you are just a bad apple."

At first this bothered me, but then I thought, "Wait a minute ... how could he possibly have enough information to even make that call? All he knows is what I have shared on this board, and that is NOT very much. "

Another example is related to Wing Chun. A guy made a video where he claimed that Wing Chun has no ground defense, and then he said, "If someone says their Sifu taught them a way to defend against the leg takedown, then they're not doing pure Wing Chun."

I asked myself, "How much knowledge does he have to say that? Does he think watching a couple videos from Master Wong provides enough evidence for that?"

These are just two examples of the topic at hand. For more information, check out the video!

~~~ Steve Grogan

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