FIGHTIN' WORDS #44 - Response to "Jourdan & Nills on Wing Chun" on the Ramsey Dewey Channel

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: You will recognize this video, because I singled out one particular comment made by Jourdan in a previous video. This time around, we are going to dissect and destroy the rest of the things they both say, one at a time.

Here is the link. Below it I will include the start times for their faulty statements, as well as a brief description of what they are.

1:16 - "Not meant for MMA"

MY REPLY: *yawn*

4:13 - "It (trapping) works one time..."

MY REPLY: Basically, he is saying the trapping will work only once because after you do it, the opponent will move. Um, but...wouldn't he move regardless of what style you were using? Are you going to tell me he would stand there and let a Western Boxer land a jab-cross-hook combo? Of course not. Therefore, please stop trying to sell your remarks that could apply to ANY style as being specific to Wing Chun.

4:53 - "This might work to get him confused, but then he will react."

MY REPLY: Again, just like he would if he were fighting someone from any other style.

5:07 - "I think Wing Chun really works when you are in a room where there's not a lot of space."

MY REPLY: Here we go again. *sigh*

5:34 - "People always try to say there is one martial art that works everywhere under all circumstances."

MY REPLY: Right, and people say this of ANY martial art, not just Wing Chun. Once again, the fact that their criticisms aren't unique to Wing Chun are staring them right in the face, but they refuse to see it.

7:27 - "There is no Wing Chun going on. Rear naked choke is not Wing Chun."

MY REPLY: Here, Ramsey is referring to a Master Wong video that they had previously critiqued.

9:07 - "They (people who make self-defense videos) oversimplify it (self-defense) and give easy solutions. There are no easy solutions. You have to train for years and years and years."

MY REPLY: Would he be happy if, at the start of every video, the people making self-defense videos said this? Now that I think about it, their colleague Ramsey Dewey makes videos telling people to try this or that technique, but HE never says, "It takes years and years to get good at this."

As always, it doesn't take a lot of thinking to tear down these so-called criticisms.

Watch and see how I do it.

~~~Steve Grogan

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