FIGHTIN' WORDS #43 - Destroying What Mr. Bagua Says About Wing Chun Without Even Breaking a Sweat

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: There are so many people out there saying incorrect things about Wing Chun. It truly is staggering. I am not sure if this video is the most egregious one out there, but it is at least in the top ten.

It is a video from Ramsey Dewey, in which he and his buddies try some "open hand" sparring. To Ramsey's credit, he admits that he sees how trapping can work, and how the sparring experience is completely different without gloves. (Of course, you CAN learn to trap WITH gloves, but that is a topic for another video.)

Initially, I thought what his partner Linji (a Bagua practitioner) did looked like Wing Chun, but at the end the guy says he doesn't like hearing what he does compared to that.

And why not?

For reasons that are not based on reality. Here is the video. I will give you the timestamps for where the faulty statements occur.

16:29 "In Wing Chun, there is very few step work." I have no idea what the hell that means, but I think he means "footwork?" Whatever the case, like Trump said in his debate against Hillary: "Wrong."

17:13-17:27 He is trying to say that if a Wing Chun person faces an opponent at 45-degree angle, they will try to return to a position where they are facing them head-on. This is so mind-numbingly wrong that I don't even know where to begin.

All I can say is I have been studying Wing Chun EXCLUSIVELY since 1995. That is 27 years, whereas this guy has had minimal exposure to it. In my 27 dedicated years, I have never heard ANYONE say, "Always get directly in front of him." What are the odds that someone who studied only Wing Chun hasn't heard that, but this guy did?

Also, if that were true, then could someone explain why Sifu Jason Korol of Greenville Academy of Martial Arts made the statements contained in the following video?

13:48-14:09 Sifu Jason talks about how he can hit his opponent with multiple shots, "without letting him face me." Also, you can see he is going into his training partner at a 45-degree angle. In fact, he pretty much says this is the IDEAL way to face your opponent, which invalidates Lindsay's statement that Wing Chun practitioners are always looking to get back to a position where they face their opponent head-on.

Ramsey really ought to go over what his colleagues are going to say on camera ahead of time before letting them spew bullshit all over the internet. I think I got some on my shoes.

~~~Steve Grogan

PS: Linji, what you do DOES look like Wing Chun, no matter what you say. Don't like it? Then study another style. Otherwise I suggest you practice the art of keeping quiet when you don't know anything about the topic at hand.

God, I can't explain why this guy's statements piss me off more than most other so-called Wing Chun critics. They just do.

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