FIGHTIN' WORDS #42 - When Jourdan Incorrectly Said Wing Chun Can't Be Used in MMA

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The latest person who made this statement pop up in my mind is a guy name Jourdan, who is friends with YouTube MMA trainer Ramsey Dewey. In this video, we hear the same old tired statements about why Wing Chun won't work in MMA. The sad part is: these didn't come from Jourdan directly; they originated with his Sifu!

I don't know if there is any other video out there that packs as much incorrect information and flawed arguing as this one does in a mere 23 seconds, but then again there probably is, since these guys appear in other videos on Ramsey's channel.

Join me and witness the fun as I destroy these Wing Chun "criticisms" by exercising maybe 1% of my intellect. (Even then, I think I am overestimating.)

~~~Steve Grogan

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