FIGHTIN 'WORDS # 41: Sparring Isn't Fighting

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I notice that there are a lot of things martial artists used to do that were considered tests of their skill that are no longer thought of as such anymore.

One of the old testing methods was sparring. However, lately there has been a rise in popularity of the phrase, "Sparring isn't fighting." What they mean by this is that doing good in sparring does not mean you will fight good on the street.

Sparring is THE closest thing a martial arts student can legally get to a fight before it BECOMES a fight, which of course we can not do because there are these little things called LAWS, and it would not be advisable to break them.

So what do these naysayers suggest we do? How would they have us prove our skill? Go out and get in real fights? That would be illegal and unethical, I'd say.

As imperfect as it may be, sparring does serve a purpose, and a damn good one at that. In this video, I tear apart this silly saying with just the slightest application of analysis and logic.

~~~ Steve Grogan

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