FIGHTIN ' WORDS #39 - Why Do People Think Their Criticisms Are Unique to Wing Chun?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Wing Chun is good at only one range. Wing Chun has no outside game. Wing Chun has no ground game. Wing Chun is bad at this. Wing Chun is bad at that. Wing Chun did it with a whiffle ball bat.

These are the most common criticisms I hear about Wing Chun. (Well, aside from the last one, of course; that's me referencing "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys.)

But do you want to know what's funny?

Replace "Wing Chun" with anything else, and you will realize something.

These remarks ARE NOT UNIQUE to Wing Chun. However, that is exactly what most people would have you believe.

I don't know why Wing Chun has been treated like the red-headed stepchild of the martial arts world for so long. Usually it is bashed by people who are talking from the safety of their computer. The sad thing is, most people will read these comments and take them as legitimate. They don't bother to investigate; it's so much easier for someone else to TELL you what is real versus what is BS.

What these people don't realize is the so-called Wing Chun critiques can be applied to just about any style. (The only exception would be the "no ground game" remark. If a style FOCUSES on grappling, then obviously it will have a ground game. However, in this case you could replace "ground game" with the phrase "striking game," and you would be making the same point.)

That is why I made this video: to show how these comments could be obliterated in less than ten minutes, if you took the time to stop and think about them.

~~~Steve Grogan

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