Fightin' Words #36 :The Revered Teacher Certification Debacle (FYI: Bruce Lee Was Never Certified!)

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I have been booking places for Wing Chun classes in my area. Some places were open to the idea, while others said no right off the bat. Then there was a third category: those who said yes, but then asked for my teaching certification.

The truth is, I don't have one. I have not learned the entire Wing Chun system. However, not only have I been practicing the art for 25 years, but I was given permission by my Sifu to teach people. None of this information did me any good; these people insisted that I present them with a piece of paper that I have no way of getting.

It's sad (and sometimes amazing) what non-martial artists think the world of martial arts is really like. A simple demonstration would be enough to prove that I know what I'm doing, but now the world is certification crazy.

In this video, I discuss my thoughts on why such an attitude needs to be discarded.

~~~Steve Grogan

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