Don't Underestimate the SLAP!!!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Yes, the slap. It's not something one man should do to another, is it? After all, Charlie Murphy said so in that "Rick James" sketch. He said the only time it was acceptable was in the old days in France, where one man would slap another and challenge him to a duel. However, that was okay because after that there was a gunfight, and somebody had to GO.

As humorous as that bit and Charlie Murphy (RIP) was, it leads us directly to my point: the fact that it isn't deemed "appropriate" for a man to use a slap is the exact reason why we SHOULD. Nothing beats getting the drop on your assailant.

Now don't get me wrong: I am not trying to reclaim the slap from women and say THEY can't use it too. No, ladies and gentlemen, I am approaching this in a gender-blind manner. There is no reason why men AND women shouldn't use this attack.

However, as you will hear, there are many reasons why we SHOULD.

~~~Steve Grogan

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