MENTAL HEALTH TIP: Don't Live in Fear of Judgment from Others

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: There is an alarming amount of people in the world who let the judgment of other people dictate how they feel about themselves.

This cannot be allowed! Do NOT go gentle into THEIR good night!

Imagine if you have certain goals, or maybe you are proud of yourself about a particular quality that you possess. Then someone else tells you your goal is unobtainable, or they say the quality you love so much is nothing you should be proud of.

Which would you rather do: let that discourage you and/or drag you down, or tell them to piss off and then get on with your plans?

Actually, there is a third option: smile and nod politely. Let them have their opinion. What difference does that make to you?

Learn the art of indifference, and all will work out.

~~~Steve Grogan

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