QUESTION: Does Martial Arts Boost Self Esteem?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Long before I even began martial arts myself, I heard about the many benefits of engaging in the activity. One of the benefits (I was told) was that it can help boost self-esteem. Since mine was low, this sounded like martial arts and I were a match made in heaven.

I knew good self-esteem wasn't going to blossom overnight, so I waited. Patiently. Months went by. Then years. Before I realized it, I had been involved in martial arts for a decade. And you know what? My self-esteem hadn't grown ONE BIT.

This is NOT a flaw on the part of martial arts. It is a flaw in the advertising, a flaw in a misunderstanding of two terms that many people think are interchangeable: self-ESTEEM and self-CONFIDENCE. Trust me, folks, these are NOT the same thing.

Having more self-confidence doesn't hurt, but building self-esteem requires an entirely different approach than what martial arts gives. To better understand this, I will dive into explaining the difference between the two terms.

Not a lot of people have grasped what I am stating here. Hopefully this video provides enough explanation to clear up the misunderstandings.

~~~Steve Grogan

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