Bruce Lee, Economy of Motion, and the Illusion of Speed

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Don't get me wrong: there is plenty of evidence that Bruce Lee really did have fast hands. However, physical speed was not the only thing going on there. In fact, speed isn't always the best thing. Have you ever seen a Wing Chun practitioner doing a straight blast? Well, the fast chain of punches might seem impressive, but those blows don't add up to much damage. Why? Because physics teaches us, "Force = Mass x Acceleration." If the only part of your body that moves during the straight blast is your hands...well, that's not very much mass, is it?

Anyway, I digress. Economy of motion is much more important than speed. Bruce Lee knew that. Think about it: let's say your hand is on your chest, and someone draws their hand way back to deliver a punch. Wouldn't it be better if your hand went straight from your chest to their face? Yes, it might not have as much force, but when trained properly, it can have ENOUGH to stop the wind-up foe in their tracks. We explore this idea further in the video.

~~~Steve Grogan

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