Book Review - SIMPLY WING CHUN by Shaun Rawcliffe

In this video, I review SIMPLY WING CHUN KUNG FU by Shaun Rawcliffe.

***MY APOLOGIES*** I believe in this video (and one I did on Shaun's book about the wooden dummy) I called him Shaun RADCLIFFE. At some point I will reshoot this review. In the meantime, I hope he can accept my deepest apology!

If you want to buy this book based on my review, you can do so via this link:

***DISCLAIMER: What I have provided you here is an affiliate link, which means I will get a commission if you buy it. However, that will come out of AMAZON'S pocket, not yours. Also, I would not post an affiliate link to a book that I thought was awful.***

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: There are a lot of "introduction to Wing Chun" books out there. It seems like all of them go over the same information in the same manner. Not so with this book. This is the only book that I can remember that explores the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspect of training in Wing Chun.

Watch and find out why I find this book so fascinating.

~~~Steve Grogan

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