Book Review - MASTERING WING CHUN by Samuel Kwok and Tony Massengill

In this video, I review MASTERING WING CHUN by Samuel Kwok and Tony Massengill.

If you want to buy the book based on my review, you can do so by following this link:

***DISCLAIMER: What I have provided you here is an affiliate link, which means I will get a commission if you buy it. However, that will come out of AMAZON'S pocket, not yours. Also, I would not post an affiliate link to a book that I thought was awful.***

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This book was co-written by the gentleman who taught Sifu Jason Korol of the Greenville Academy of Martial Arts (Tony Massengill, not Sam Kwok). Having never seen any footage of him or read any of his work, I wanted to give this book a spin to check him out.

I was not disappointed. This is a thick, thorough exploration of the basics of Wing Chun. It explores four out of the six Wing Chun forms, delves into the history of Wing Chun, and explains a concept known as "faan sao."

To be honest, I wish the history section had been shorter, and faan sao had been longer. Other than that, this is another solid book to introduce yourself to Wing Chun, or to gain some new insights if you are a "veteran."

~~~Steve Grogan

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