Book Review - KICKING AND SCREAMING, A Memoir of Madness and Martial Arts (Melanie Gibson)

In this video, I review KICKING AND SCREAMING, A Memoir of Madness and Martial Arts by Melanie Gibson. If you want to buy Melanie's book based on my review, you can do so on Amazon.

***DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link, which means I will get a commission if you buy it. However, that will come out of AMAZON'S pocket, not yours. Besides, I would not post an affiliate link to a book that I thought was awful.***

Also, Melanie runs the Little Black Belt website. You will see several wonderful posts over there, including some from yours truly!


ABOUT THIS VIDEO: For quite some time now, I have been saying that mental health is one of the most neglected areas of martial arts training. I have no idea why. After all, if you suffer from depression, then you don't even want to get out of bed to do things that you HAVE to do, let alone things that are "optional."

That is why I am glad I found Melanie Gibson's blog, Little Black Belt. She understands my perspective and feels the same way. I am glad to call her a friend and (even though we practice different styles) a martial arts colleague.

It is also why I very eagerly anticipated the release of her memoir, KICKING AND SCREAMING. She had been talking about it on her blog for a while, and it seemed like it would take forever for it to come out.

Well, forever finally arrived, and my review followed shortly thereafter.

~~~Steve Grogan

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