A Tattle Tale Mentality Is Running Rampant in Wing Chun

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Maybe this problem isn't as rampant as I believe, but I am basing this on my own experiences...because how could I base it on anyone else's?

It is something that has happened to me on Facebook and YouTube: people feeling like they have to police what every other Wing Chun practitioner does. They feel like they have to monitor, shoot down, and call out anyone who posts anything about Wing Chun on social media.

For example, there is Mr. James Ashley who, on a public comment, made mention of how it was funny that I "failed" a Sil Lum Tao assessment, but then I was teaching at a local community college. (For a full explanation of that, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NN9w...)

Then there was someone who left comments on one of my videos here, asking if my Sifu knew I was posting stuff about Wing Chun online. Does this happen in other martial arts too, or is this part of the immaturity that seems to be par for the course in Wing Chun?

~~~Steve Grogan

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