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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: It sucks that this wound up being just a talking head video, but sometimes you have to do what you can to get your message out there.

In a video I saw from Sifu Jason Korol of Greenville Academy of Martial Arts, he used the Vietnam War to lead into his theory behind Wing Chun's failure in MMA.

America technically had the better firepower, and yet we lost the war. Why? Because the Vietnamese used a tactic called guerilla warfare. They went in, hit hard, and then got out. In Sifu Jason's analogy, Wing Chun is the guerilla warfare of martial arts.

I tend to agree, and I wanted to share WHY I agree here. True, you could just watch Sifu's video, but unless you already stumbled upon it, you would not have. Why not share the same opinion here and give it another avenue of exposure?

FYI: Sifu Jason has many wonderful videos. He is an intelligent man, and he entertains without having to be an over-the-top, exaggerated character. Check him out here:

https: // ...

~~~ Steve Grogan

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