ANNOUCEMENT - Update on Geek Wing Chun's Video Posting Schedule

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: There are a lot of things I want to say on this channel. In fact, there is so much that I worry about not even being able to say it all.

By the time this video is published, I will be doing reviews and interviews on Wednesdays...and everything else on Mondays.

"Everything else" means videos on Wing Chun training tips and ideas, exercise, nutrition, mental health, and anything else that crosses my mind (provided it is relevant to my mission, of course).

That is a lot of weight for Monday to carry.

That is why I have decided to add FRIDAYS into the mix. Any videos related to mental health will post on that day. What this means is the new distribution of responsibility looks like so:

MONDAYS - Wing Chun, exercise, nutrition

WEDNESDAYS - Reviews and interviews

FRIDAYS - Mental health tips, guidance, etc.

Of course, within the topic of Wing Chun, there are many subtopics (forms, technique tips, self-defense applications, class drills, etc.). However, I don't have enough of any of those subtopics to justify splitting them out yet again. If I did, then I would wind up tearing through my footage too fast.

And that is the balance we YouTubers must strike: don't post on so many days that you run out of things, but don't post on so few that you never get around to things that you can really get behind.

Maybe I can split things out ON OCCASION. For example, I don't have to consistently crank out videos about techniques, but if I have one, I can pick another day to post it. How about "Technique Tuesday?" Yeah, that sounds good to me. Then again, I'm a sucker for alliteration.

~~~Steve Grogan

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